In Your Home
On this page you will see photos of how friends, family, and customers have
chosen to use my work in their homes.  I have also included shots from my
home of my originals.  Some have purchased my work as I have matted and
framed them.  Others have ordered custom frames and matting.  Every time I
see my pieces in a new environment I have to admit that I feel a sense of
pride and gratitude that my work has been chosen to share a place in
someone's home or business.  For a local artist like myself, I cannot think of
a higher form of flattery or recognition.  Even winning an art award does not
compare.  Enjoy!
These customers have returned
again and again to buy my
work.  They have become
special friends and always stop
for a friendly chat when they
come to Polly's on the Pier for
breakfast where I show my
work on Sundays.
Their beautiful ocean view
home is the perfect backdrop for
my seascapes.  These patrons
tell me that they love how the
sky in my Point Vicente
Lighthouse painting exactly
matches so many of the golden
hour views out the adjacent

These two photos are of
my family room mantel
and show how changing
paint and paintings
can change a room.

I felt my painting of a vintage covered
bridge was the perfect choice to
complement my antique sideboard.

This customer saw my
painting of a Bromeliad and
knew it would be a perfect
choice in this corner with her
two new chairs.

Later, she decided she would
like my local beach scenes
going up her staircase.

Custom frames and mats gave
this grouping of my beach
scenes continuity and
established the "Beachy" mood
in this newly decorated guest
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